Carol Clarke has published the following articles, reports, and newsletters. 



The Forest City Connection, Fishing for Dinner? (2014)


Dietitians of Canada Current Issues: The Inside Story. Bariatric Surgery for the Treatment of Obesity (2011)


Eat Right Ontario. Eating Guidelines After Bariatric Surgery (a consumer-focused publication) (2011)


Dietitians of Canada PEN (Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition) service: Background documents and updates to Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Pathways (2010, 2012) and Metabolic Syndrome Pathway (2011)


Media Planet The Heavy Truth (insert to National Post newspaper): Diets, Supplement and Food Options; Eating Habits and Body Mechanisms (2010)



Dietary intervention for the treatment of obesity in adults in the 2006 Canadian clinical practice guidelines on the management and prevention of obesity in adults and children (CMAJ 2007;176(8 Suppl):1-117)


Building a Vision of Dietitian Services in Primary Health Care (Can J Diet Prac Res 2006;67 Suppl:S54-S57)



Newsletter Co-ordination


Dietitians of Canada – Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Network SCOPE Notes.  Monthly collation of journal articles/information organized by Science, Conferences, Observations, Practice and Evidence related to diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.



Dietitians of Canada PEN (Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition) service pathways:

Dyslipidemia, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiovascular Disease – Natural Health Products, Healthy Weights/Obesity, and Metabolic Syndrome (2005-current)


Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Network of Dietitians of Canada Instigating and Implementing Eating and Physical Activity Behaviour Change: A Lifestyle Intervention Manual & Toolkit (2010)


Dietitians of Canada Current Issues:  The Inside Story

  • Weighing the Evidence on Weight Loss Approaches in Adults (2008)

  • What’s New In Low Carbohydrate Diets For Weight Loss (2006)

  • The “Skinny” On Weight Loss With Low Carbohydrate Diets (2004)


Utilization Guideline for Bariatric Surgery in Ontario, Interim Report. Participated as member of The Bariatric Surgery Guideline Expert Panel (2006)


Dietitians of Canada Evidenced-Based Backgrounder on Point-of-Purchase Nutrition Programs (2006)


Becel Centre For Heart Health – “Today’s HeartSmartTM Woman” (2006);  “Dietary fats and your heart booklet” (2005/2007); Heart Headlines Newsletter (2004/2008)